Bulk Purchase Entry / Multi-Invoice Entry

Hi - on the bulk purchase entry screen, is it possible to add the supplier reference as an entry field and also to add the attach document field to each line, as I am assuming each line relates to an individual purchase invoice for that supplier, as this will speed up the entry.

It would also help perhaps if you had a button to bring up a pop up window (a bit like when you post a payment against a sales invoice) on the purchase management screen, so we can quickly run down the list and where there is no document symbol next to the purchase entry, the user could quickly click and add one here, without having to go in and out of the entry.

Thank you, Russell

All good ideas, I was thinking along the lines of having columns similar to the layout in the purchase management area and then being able to enter all details directly on each line, so you would be able to enter the supplier, enter the reference, description etc directly onto each line for fast entry, we would also need to add a category column:

As you can appreciate we have a lot on at the moment and are unable to provide any timescales for implementation, although it would be good for other users to add their thoughts here.

I must admit I used the Bulk Purchase Creation tool on one account then realised that I could not identify each invoice with its unique number. Alas had to go back to manual input. The Bulk Purchase Entry would be a great tool and would get regular use from me due to its time saving capabilities.
I also noticed whilst using current Bulk Purchase Creation that the year does not automatically in-fill from the second entry onwards, again less keys to punch the faster the work goes.
Anyone else using this tool?

We made a recent enhancement to this form (discussed here):


We would rather resist adding lots of additional columns to this tool, it really degrades the usability the more columns we add. Also there’s just not enough room in a web browser to accommodate.

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