Bulk send client statements

I would like to send statements to all my clients at the same time without going to each client separately. Is this possible?
e.g. pressing one button to send statements to ticked clients in client management, or any other way.

Hi @betty

This isn’t possible at the moment, but it hasn’t come up before on these forums. I’ve changed the category of your post to a feature request and we’ll monitor the interest from the community going forward.

You may also wish to look at our recurring statement option, which would automatically send a statement for you based on your selected schedule. This would save you sending them all. There’s more info on this here:

Is there a way to show an outstanding balance on an invoice e.g. this is the amount you on this sale but in total from all your sales you owe xyz?

Is there any way quickfile can use other languages e.g. to save clients names in Hebrew letters?

Thank you

Not from the total of all invoices - that’s what the statement would be used for.

It’s also worth noting that if you allow your clients to log in, they can access a statement from their account dashboard too.

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