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Bulk update recurring invoice templates

There have been a few discussions on this, by myself and others, so I have started a feature request thread.

It would be useful to have a bulk edit/update tool/option for recurring invoices as changing notes/payment terms/bank details or item pricing on recurring templates can be quite laborious doing all templates one by one.

I would only be happy with this as a separate tool as we have special terms built in to some of our recurring invoices.

Yes, I wasn’t meaning for it to be automatic, more of a tick all the boxes and click “update selected” sort of thing.

I like the idea of a “bilk update” though I’d sure that you and I wouldn’t “bilk” anyone.
Sorry to be flippant,I couldn’t resist though!
Best wishes

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My head is well and truly hung in shame. I apologise for my poor performance in this matter.