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I am noting mileage by putting it down it down as a purchase and adding a line on the ledger for each journey. There only seems to be the option to note the total cost of the journey. Is there an option for noting down how many miles, then the unit cost for each mile, so that the software calculates the cost of the total journey? - as happens when you create an invoice. Is this possible please?

Mileage allowance should be done via a journal not a purchase invoice.

But if you really must, why can’t you put the unit cost as 0.45 and use the qty as the amount of miles?

Because there isn’t a quantity field.

@rosie1 add your vote here;

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Voted - thanks @Lurch. This would really make things easier

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i just use an excel sheet and journal it to expenses due account at month end.

the purchase invoice entry is really just a mechanism to split a purchase to various nominal codes, i dont think it should have quantities ‘sell quantities’ is in sales side…

cant you use the purchase orders?

cheers scott

I sort of agree although if it was simple to implement there’s no harm in it being an option.

The only time this really comes up is for expense claims. If there was a separate mileage/expenses claim form in Quickfile that would negate the need for this.

The other option is to use the API as I think with some effort you can use it via ODBC with Excel sheets so can just do mileage locally on a spreadsheet and have that raise the purchase invoice via the API.

yes lurch, i think a separate more suited addition to the system would be a better option…

cheers scott

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