Can I add social media links to my invoice?

I am a new user of Quickfile and I am really loving its simplicity and functionality. Perfect for a microbusiness like ours.

I was curious whether it was possible to add social media links to the invoice footer?
Even if its by using html?
I only wanted to add our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I guess other folk may require others.

Ideally to print off on the hard copy of the invoice, or remain a clickable link on the emailed copy.

Is that possible or even likely in a future release? or can anyone suggest a workaround?

Many thanks

Doesn’t need to be a feature as you already can add links and HTML in invoice footers.

Hi @facespaceruk

This is possible: you can edit the invoice footer on your invoices and use html to add the links

Ok. Thanks.
I will have another look.

I find I can only add text strings.
Whereas I wanted to add the instagram, twitter, facebook logo with my link connected to the image or pasted in to the side.
I have added my links to the Footer Region - Fixed PDF Footer Text.

As advised you can add html. So if you wanted to add a logo you’d put

 <a href=""><img src="url of your Facebook logo" ></a>

Typing this on my mobile so formatting maybe be off. But you get the gist.


Hi @facespaceruk

you may find this topic helps too: Trade association logos in footer area - changing size

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Thank you so much. I understand now

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