Trade association logos in footer area - changing size

I have enabled the CSS editor but would you kindly assist with changing the sizes of the logos? I have used the ones from my website but despite being small on my site they are huge when i Insert them along the bottom of my invoice template! Thank you

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whats your logo url?

Its the 4 logos in the bottom left hand corner in the footer of my web site

Thank you

Did you put those images on your website yourself?
These images are not small in sizes, e.g first one 365px × 195px (scaled to 100px × 53px)
Scalling down image on WYSWYG editor does not make it small unless it is actually resized to smaller size. If you intend to show smaller images on site then scale them down with photo manager e.f MS photomanger and reload on your server, it will make your site show faster as well (bonus tip) and you would get right size images in your invoice automatically

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Thank you very much. Really very helpful. Thank you

You are most welcome

This is how they’re appearing on your website, so they are being scaled down.

<img id="mce-2118" src="attachments/Image/BMF-50_50.png?1393964553406" alt="" width="100" height="53">

You’d just need to include the width and height attributes when you copy it into Quick File. You probably won’t even need to use the CSS editor. Just copy the following into the footer HTML box.

<img src="" alt="" width="100" height="53">

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Great and that worked a treat. Thank you once again for being so helpful…and patient!!