Can I change an invoice PDF filename, and the CC email address?

Two questions.

  1. When I send my invoice by email, how do I change the cc email?
  2. Can I customise the invoice PDF File name automatically, or change it before it gets sent to the client.


don’t know if this helps, but i always make the pdf file in QF and then rename it manually and send a personal email with a message and cc in who i need to rather than automating it…

Thanks for this.Good idea. If we did it this way, do you think we can still get QF to send automatic emails to the client when invoices are overdue?

Hi @Bolz

The CC emails are sent to the administrator of the account. This can be changed in Account Settings >> Team Management, if required.

Unfortunately not at this time. The PDF file name is generated to be unique but related to your account, which can’t be customised at this time.

There is an active feature request for this here: PDF Filenames Convention

There’s a bit of discussion there too, which includes some comments from my colleague.

You can configure QuickFile to send overdue reminders: Automated overdue invoice reminders

These will generally include a link to the invoice too.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Mathew,

It probably would be useful if we can add an email address for CC without having to change the administrator. I think you can add a different email for CC reminder emails.

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