Can I change the title of estimates?

Can you change the word “Estimate” for another word…e.g. Quotation…?

hope this helps

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I agree…I am not a builder…! every time I send one to a customer, I have to make a witty apology about the fact that I have to use the word Estimate rather than the word Quotation. Either that or convert it back to my old system… which kind of defeats the object really…


Hopefully that post @rhc linked to helps, but if you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Did you click through to the linked thread? The quoted part is the question, but there’s a reply further down that gives the answer you want.

Thank you very much for the advice…!
It works well and is so simple to change…easy when you know how…!

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You can link directly to individual posts/replies.

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