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Can I collect only variable invoices by DD?

I’ve integrated Go Cardless and clients are already listed in my GC customer account. Because every month’s invoices are different I can’t go the recurring route. Is it possible to only auto-collect variables? If so how, because when I prepare a normal QF invoice for a GoCardless registered customer, the DD auto-pay options never appears?

Hi @Remidiah,

Just to confirm that your clients were set up in GoCardless outside of QuickFile?

The auto-collect is only available on recurring profiles but you can still collect on standard invoices

Yes, clients were set up direct on GC.
When you say we can still collect on standard invoices do you mean we can initiate or does the client need to hit the pay by DD option on the QF invoice we send them?

Hi @Remidiah,

Yes you can initiate, you will first need to add the GC Mandate ID’s to the clients in QuickFile. Then on the invoice you can go to More Options >> Collect by DD

Great there’s a way forward yet how do I add the GC customer ID to the QF client?

I’ve found that each GC customer has a unique 14 digit ID ( top left of customer’s page) but how do I now add this on to the customers QF page?

Can’t see any available field?


Hi @Remidiah

You’ll need the Mandate ID from GoCardless, which I admit is a bit hidden!

Log into your GoCardless account, go to Customers and pick your customers, select the bank account, and lastly select the mandate:

The mandate ID is the one at the top of the page:

On QuickFile, go to the client you want to add the mandate to, and find the “Setup a Direct Debit for this Client” box:
And then pick the “Import Mandate” option

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All was good and invoice payments by DD have finally been successfully completed – except one!

We bill them in EUR and GC hold a SEPA DD in EUR

However when we request funds via QF the only option is GBP.

Can this be changed?

Unfortunately not at this time. We only support GBP payments through the Direct Debit scheme with GoCardless.

However, you can add your vote to the existing feature request: Support for GoCardless SEPA Direct Debits

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