Support for GoCardless SEPA Direct Debits

One of my clients is based in the Netherlands, and has a monthly subscription to my IT services.

Until recently he paid me via PayPal, but he has now informed me that for administrative reasons he can no longer pay me via PayPal.

I’ve just learned that QF does not support SEPA Direct Debits via GoCardless, which doesn’t leave me with many options to collect payments that don’t involve significant bank fees and currency conversion fees.

I therefore would like to request for SEPA support to be added to the GoCardless integration.

Thanks for the suggestion @Aerion.

In the meantime, it’s still certainly possible to trigger these directly on GoCardless, it would just require manually reconciling them on QuickFile.

We’ll let you know if there are any updates here, but for anyone else interested in this, you can add your vote at the top of the page, by clicking “Vote”.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I may have to do that as a workaround.

I also noticed in the suggestions list that there’s work happening on adding an Open Banking feed for Transferwise, so that could be an alternative too.

Thanks again!

I also have problems getting payments from Irish customers. Please sort out QF so it can handle SEPA payments via GoCardless.

Did you use open banking in the end?

Yes, I now use Wise (new name for TransferWise) via Open Banking, which has solved the issue.

Other people may still want to have SEPA support for GoCardless though as that provides clients with a more streamlined payment option.