Can you upgrade after you start

Can you upgrade after you start using it if you find that you are using more than the maximum you have purchased? I.e if you are using medium but need large.

Hi @Alison_Cooper

Of course!

All accounts are checked every few days. If you go over the 1,000 ledger count, you will be notified and required to upgrade.

Here’s a few links that may be useful for you:

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How to check your account size

I hope that helps!

Many Thanks for the prompt reply.

Unfortunately the system we run at the moment does not tell us the number of nominal transactions but guess over the year it maybe over the 1000 nominal but wanted to use the system before paying for a system that is not what we require.

Is there any other restrictions i.e. number of invoices you can produce etc. (Doesn’t look like it but want to get a reply rather than relying on me looking at the website)

The nominal transaction count is designed to encompass all activity such as invoices, purchases, payments and journals. An invoice will create two nominal transactions.

Irrespective of how many entries you create, when you first start using QuickFile there is a 60 day free period, even if you go over the 1,000 limit you can carry on testing without needing a subscription in those first 60 days.

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