Cancelling a recurring Invoices

Our club depends on monthly recurring invoices.
Could you please advise on the QF best method to stop/ cancel a recurring invoice when the club asks for a months’ notice hence a final payment and the invoice is generated at the beginning of each month?
Does QF indicate a final payment by displaying EXPIRED?

Hi @gjwguk

If an invoice runs for the full duration it was set to, it will show as ‘Expired’ on your recurring invoice list. If you wish to manually pause it however, you would need to click the pause button which means no further invoices are generated.

From what I gather, you wish to pause it, but still generate 1 last invoice. You should be able to achieve this by resetting the start date to the next date (e.g. 1st of June) and set the frequency to 1. This would generate 1 invoice and then show as ‘Expired’ in the list too.

Hope that helps!

Thanks - I thought that was the case. Logically, after the template has been set to 1, QF finishes generating an invoice? Is there any indication of “Expired” on the client invoice or could there be?

If you change the occurrences to 1 and the start date to the date of the final invoice (e.g. 1st June 2017), it will generate that last invoice and stop. On the admin side of things, you’ll see something similar to this:

Nothing is added to the invoice, nor shown on the client side to indicate it’s finished. However, as it’s the last invoice, you may wish to change the description and add something like “Final Invoice”.

If there were a fixed number (e.g. 12 invoices) rather than “keep going until I stop it”, it would be a bit easier as we’ve recently introduced 2 new tokens to show this. But unfortunately these wouldn’t be of any use in the case where you stop it manually.

Tell me more - I may be able to change my processes and procedures to accommodate.

No problem!

We introduced 2 new tokens following a feature request which are as follows:

||OCCURRENCES|| which is replaced by the value you enter for occurrences for the recurring invoice
||OCCURRENCE_NO|| which is replaced by the number in the sequence.

So, as an example, let’s say we have a recurring profile to be sent monthly with 12 occurrences starting in January and the last one being generated in December. We could use the following line:


As we’re generating one per month, you’d end up with a value like this (using May as an example):

Invoice 5 of 12

At least with this method your client would clearly see that it’s the last one being generated in a sequence.

Hope that helps!

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