Cannot access Year End Accounts - Price Comparison Service

I am currently about to start my year end and hire an accountant to complete my Accounts. At the moment I am struggling to find the “Click here to get started” or the “Need help with your accounting” buttons on my dashboard as per Knowledge base article Year End Accounts. They just are not there! I have also looked in the Addition Services menu item under Help… nothing!

I have logged out and re logged in in the vain hope that everything reveals itself but nothing!

Can you please advise as to how (apart from those two buttons) I can access this?!

Many thanks :grinning:

Hi there,

Usually these options are hidden if you’re already connected to an accountant. If you log in and look in the top right, what is the account number showing up there? Is it 6131472664?


Yes that’s the account number. I used that accountant last year, am I not allowed to use a different one each year?

Hello @Flubbles

Of course! When you set up the year end service, you’re automatically linked to that accountant for them to see the relevant information for your return. Most accountants will disconnect your accounts once the work has been completed, but some don’t.

You can manually disconnect your accounts by going to Account Settings >> Team Management. You may need to log out and back in, but you will then see all the relevant links for the year end service.

Hope that helps!

That worked! Knew it would be something as simple as that!

Thank you so much for your help!

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