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Cash Accounting / Reporting


Hello there

I have a client running a limo hire business (using QF) who uses cash accounting, and also raises invoices for the customers who then pay deposits… the invoices are part paid when deposits are received and the balance due date is set at the date of the booking. I understand from various threads that QF doesn’t support cash accounting, but wondered what the best way to tackle the following would be…

  • Reporting on invoices that are part paid (i.e. being able to view what is outstanding/payable by month etc).
  • End of year reports to show only the income (including part payments) received during the accounting period.

Is this workable within QF or via exporting data from Excel?

Any advice would be much appreciated!


Hi @chrisaustin87

There’s not cash report as such, but maybe the below report may be of some use?
MTD Periodic Update Report

This report can calculate figures based on cash or accrual basis.

Alternatively, if you go to Reports >> All Reports >> Debtor/Creditor Report, you can view all outstanding invoices as of a particular date, including their balance. This doesn’t include any fully paid invoices however, but may help?


Hi @QFMathew

Thanks - that’s really helpful. The MTD report does look like it’ll do what we need, but it’s limited to three monthly periods (which I understand is to fit with MTD) - is there any way that the same report can be generated with more flexibility on dates… it would be great to run this for the whole year!

Also, re the debtor report - it shows part of what I need but also could do with a due date column - is this possible?

Thanks again


Hi @chrisaustin87

There isn’t a way to show a due date at present, but you’re welcome to submit a feature request by starting a topic for this in the #feature category.

As you rightfully mention with the report, this is currently limited to 3 month periods, but I will discuss this with our development team to see if it can be adapted or changed.


Thanks! That would be great if the periods could be more customisable. I’ll log feature requests also.