Cash based reports?

Hi, am a new user from Wave, and since I’m not sure how much longer they’ll support non US businesses I’ve decided to try out Quickfile

I run a small computer consultancy, and generally get paid via bank transfer, cash or cheque. I don’t have stripe or online payments etc, so it’s pretty basic.

all is well and i’m getting my head around most things, but the reporting part is throwing me

at the end of each month I generate a report and send it to my accountant. In wave I can do a cash based one that just shows what i’ve actually received and ignores outstanding invoices etc.

My accountant doesn’t want accrual based reports, just what has come in and gone out of the business, ie actual paid invoices on a monthly basis

I can’t see a way to generate and email a cashflow/basis style report, only one that shows all invoices, regardless of paid/unpaid status for that period, that isn’t any use to me unfortunately.

any ideas? have seen the guide in the knowledgebase but it doesn’t seem to have a feature to create a pdf from what i generates


Have you tried Sales>View Payments>search for additional filters

Thanks, I’ll check that out, it seems i could generate 2 reports, one from sales, one from payments and that should roughly do what i need.

many thanks! everything else is great, just this daft accrual system i don’t get, I only want to know about money i’ve actually received.

Accrual basis is legal requirmenet for company accounts and most of the other forms too.

Hi Ian,

I’m in exactly the same position as yourself (migrating from Wave Accounting and use cash basis exclusively).

I found the following links useful… hopefully you might find them helpful too:

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