Cash Basis Accounting

Any news on cash basis accounting? My client has just switched to Quickfile and needs to continue with cash basis accounting due to the nature of her business. When will this be an option?

Hi @JGood

This isn’t something that’s currently supported, but we’ll let you know if we introduce this.

All reporting is currently accrual based, with the exception of VAT returns which can be either cash or accrual.

Hi @QFMathew, is there any update on the cash basis accounting? I found how to set it up for VAT but I am not sure how the year-end accounts work for this matter at the moment.

And in case this feature is still not present, what is an effective workaround for having the correct figures in the reports?

Hi @gamnlifestyle

Unfortunately, there aren’t any changes here. QuickFile is accrual-based only for accounts.

However, this user guide may be of interest: How to create a cash based Profit and Loss Report

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@QFMathew - thank you for this link - the report only allows 3 months at a time, would it be possible to please ask the developers to allow a selectable 12 month date range…
that would be excellent and would be a great workaround for those needing cash basis at end of year!
surely this is a small adjustment as the report is already perfect for this?

Morning @kc101

We now have a dedicated cash based P&L report for sole traders and partnership accounts. This will allow you to generate a report across the full year.

You can find out more here:

Generate a cash based Profit and Loss report

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