Cash deposit, pay multiple invoices

hello, i am sure there will be a pay, but i have just put cash into my back from various costumes, the cash is showing on my QF current account but now i want to assign it to multiple invoices from different people, i have go as far as tagging the cash deposit BUT as soon as i say Pay down multiple invoices, it only lets me pick one customer, then the full cash amount is tagged to that one customer, how do i pay multiple invoices



Tag as a transfer to a cash/cheque holding account, manually pay the invoices from the cash/cheque holding account.

Or delete the single cash entry and add several individual ones, either manually from the bank page or by paying down the invoices manually.

I’d always recommend the former method, too easy to get your current account in a mess if you start deleting and adding manual entries when you already use a banking feed.

Most answers are in the Knowledge Base which seems to get largely ignored. Maybe some more promotion of this extremely useful feature would be prudent?

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The correct way to handle this is to have a “bank account” in QuickFile representing your cash on hand. With cash payments, the “payment from a customer” happens at the point they give you the cash, not the (later) point where you deposit that cash into the bank.

So pay each of the invoices individually into your petty cash “bank” account, and the balance on that account should represent the amount of cash you have on hand at any given time. When you pay cash into the bank that action isn’t considered a payment from a customer, it’s simply a bank transfer from the cash account to the current account. If you use some of the cash to pay for other purchases rather than depositing all of it then that’s fine too, you’d just mark those purchases as paid from the petty cash account instead of from the current account.

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