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Affinity QuickFile Affinity is an advanced tool-set for managing multiple QuickFile profiles under a single login and dashboard. Legal General terms of service, privacy policies and branding guidelines. Advanced Customisation Customise your QuickFile account with custom CSS and JavaScript, including your login page, your client area and more. Bookkeeping Whether it’s dealing with gift vouchers, Fuel Scale Charges, or just learning the basics of bookkeeping, this is the category for help. Design How to update invoice details, change their appearance with CSS, managing multiple trading styles and more. Document Management Streamline your accounts by emailing or uploading your invoices and receipts to QuickFile. Manage documents with ease. Advanced Subscriptions Learn more about the added benefit of the Power User Subscription, and the differences compared to Affinity. Video Payments At the core of any business is the payments from your clients. From adding prepayments to sending a notification of payment received. Payroll From recording your payroll journals, to linking your account with The Payroll Site Stock Control Create delivery notes in a few clicks, using the invoices you already have in your account. Year End Accounts When it comes to your year-end, we can help make it as simple as possible with our straight-forward price comparison tool, linked with a panel of accountants. Services This category will cover any add-on services provided by QuickFile such as company formation, reports and dedicated support packages. General From email issues and managing bounces, to QuickFile Security and 2-factor authentication; From team member privileges to creating account backups. Integrations Make the most of your QuickFile account by linking it with other apps such as Google Calendar, Zapier and more. Invoicing From bulk entering invoices to managing credit notes; from recurring statements to managing additional terms and conditions pages. Purchases Creating recurring purchases, export a batch payment report, or enabling and creating purchase orders. Reporting From viewing your profit and loss to analysing your balance sheet. QuickFile offers powerful reporting tools, including project tagging. Mobile Help on using the QuickFile mobile apps and services. Banking Help guides relating to bank feeds (including Yodlee, Open Banking and direct feeds), bank reconciliation, account management, bank tagging rules and more. VAT QuickFile supports both cash and accrual VAT accounting, as well as the flat rate scheme, exempt and out-of-scope invoices. Here you will find details on how to handle these, as well as submitting MTD (Making Tax Digital) VAT returns. Getting Started From creating suppliers to importing data from CSV or another accounting package.
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