Cash Flow Statement

I’m a huge supporter of QF and overall I think it’s great, however, before I defect to QB out of absolute sheer frustration, does anyone please have any winning suggestions on how I can create a monthly cashflow report. I don’t want it to forecast or anything fancy, merely to report on the cashflow for the month that has just happened. Doesn’t need to be by bank account, just overall money in money out by nominal account.

I appear to be able to get part of the data I think by using the MTD cash based report but then I would still need to go and look for any changes affecting balance sheet accounts.

The only other option I’ve come up with is downloading the required month from all bank accounts, combining into one spreadsheet, coding it all and creating a report from there which is basically redoing the accounts again and that’s ridiculous.

Please anyone, any suggestions gratefully received.


The MTD report is certainly a good starting point. It may be the case that we can build on this going forward - I’m unsure what’s in the pipeline in this respect, but I can check with our team on Monday and hopefully give you a better idea.

The MTD periodic update report will allow you to achieve this. I’m more than happy to PM you with a walk-through demo if you like?

Hi Glenn, does it show things affecting the balance sheet? For instance PAYE liability or VAT or purchases of assets? Without those it’s not a cashflow report, it’s just a cash based P&L.

It pulls the data from bank entries that our bound to invoices and purchases, although it can include balance sheet items, it will likely not give you the full picture you need.

If you’re OK to hang on a week or two we can look at putting together a full “statement of cash flows”, with the standard headings for operating, investment and finance activities.

For now I will convert this to a “Planned Feature” and provide further updates in due course.

@Glenn, that would be so helpful, thank you :slight_smile:

What would be even more helpful for me would be a facility to allocate cash/bank balances to upcoming payments or possible expenses in a similar way to At the moment I run this alongside Quickfile. It’s like an IT version of putting the money in jam jars on the mantelpiece ready for upcoming bills! Personally I would be totally lost without it as I can see at a glance how much money is truly available. (This brief description doesn’t do it justice, by the way.)

@BBK @MaryJ

We’ve released an update today which includes a new Statement of Cash Flow report, now available for all accounts. Hope this helps:

New Statement of Cash Flows, Batch Supplier Payment Reports and more

If you have any feedback, please let us know on the thread above.