Cater Allen Bank Feed Stopped Working

I logged in this morning and noticed my Cater Allen Bank feed hasn’t updated since the 12th March. Sometimes when this happens I just hit ‘Refresh Bank Feed’ and validate the details again and it’s fine, no big deal.

Today, when trying to do that, I’m getting the error “Problem Updating Account - We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later” then a second window “Missing information - We’re sorry, it appears the destination URL is not configured”

I’ve checked the bank feed details and it all looks fine. Anything I can do to solve it?

Hi @Daniel_Benson

As of the 14th March, Yodlee feeds will stop working (see here: Update on Yodlee Bank Feeds).

In regards to Cater Allen specifically, there is an Open Bank Feed which we are working to add, but the bank doesn’t actually return a transaction description, so it’s of little use. Until they introduce this, unfortunately, the only way to add the transactions to your account would be to do it manually.

I highly recommend speaking with your bank directly however, and let them know the importance of the feed to your business.

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Thanks Mathew, I’ll get onto them now. What a pain!

We’re 95% there with Cater Allen. If they just included the descriptions in their Open Banking feed response, it can be up and running from tomorrow.

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What a ridiculous situation, why would they think that a bank feed without descriptions would be any use?

Have they stated any ETA for adding them?

We have reached out to them on several occasions, the latest being last week. As of yet, we haven’t had a response unfortunately.

We are continuing to press them about this however, because as you rightfully say, a feed without descriptions isn’t much use.

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@Daniel_Benson - We’re now in a position to open this up to testers, as it appears Cater Allen have added descriptions to the transactions.

I’ll drop you a private message now to get an account number from you, should you be interested in testing this.

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