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CBYG Bank Feed

Bought the add-on to link bank feed.

Followed process to connect bank feed including redirect to CBYG to login and authorise QF linking.

However when redirecting back to QF greeted with pop-up stating “No qualifying GBP accounts found”.

Bank showing in Banking tab however account is showing as Not Linked. Status OK.

Bank information isn’t pulling through onto QF. Please advise. Thank you

Hi @spq123

If you’re seeing “Status OK” and that it’s not linked, you will need to complete that last step and join the two.

If you view your bank statement in QuickFile for the account that you want to link up, then go to More Options >> Activate Bank Feed, you should be able to select the account and complete it.

Great thanks. Will this support multiple bank accounts and also debit/credit cards?

Multiple banks - yes. The subscription covers your QuickFile account rather than a single bank or bank account.

Credit cards - depends on whether the bank supports this. But, we do have a full list of what’s supported with what bank, here: https://www.quickfile.co.uk/openbanking/providers


Can i suggest some edits to the instructions to connect bank feed in Help from following and not being successful without reverting to here?

Hi spq123,
Did you read the knowledge base because there is all in one article. See below:

Hi @spq123

Thank you for your feedback. Anything which you believe is incorrect, or could be re-written, please let us know and we can certainly take a look.

Where did this message appear?

When you come back to QuickFile following a successful connection, you should have the option to make it there and then. But if I’ve understood correctly, you’ve seen the above message instead?

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