Changes on estimate when logged out

I’ve just spent half a day creating an estimate, saved it a couple of times.
Just went to save it for the last time and it asked me to log back in and its now gone!!!

Please tell me its not lost?

If the system is left inactive for 1 hour then I’m afraid it will log you out automatically and any changes you made will be lost. If you saved the estimate prior to this then those changes will be fine, only the changes you made since the session expired will be lost.

I did click save a few times (fallen for session timeouts before) and got the green area at the top, but when i logged in there was nothing there!

I’ve just started again :o( and made sure it saved initially this time.
The only thing i can think of is that it timed out prior to the initial save and then started saving while not logged in, to a not logged in area?

I don’t know what its done but I do know that i was saving it and did so a few times (this i can’t see in my history on the dashboard, so it must have been doing it outside the session somehow?)

Does it timeout if you stay on that same page editing for over an hour?
I can’t understand why it didn’t save if it logs you out and asks for your password when it has logged you out?

I spent best part of 4 hours on that quote, never leaving it for more than 15 minutes without typing something.

Yes this may be possible if no calls to the server are made, i.e. the server thinks the session has ended. When you finally hit the save button there may not be an active session so it would redirect you to the login page. Saving at least every 30 mins should solve this.

In the long term we may look at an auto-save option on draft invoices. I know this has been recommended elsewhere but it’s not at the top of the list of most requested features at this time.

Thanks Glenn, great software (and support) by the way apart from this problem, its all working really well.

As I said I had been saving, I definitely saved 3 times without it asking me to login again, so it must have thought it had saved it somewhere, it was only the last time (when i’d just about finished) when it went to the login page.

Anyway, i’ve started again and I am saving after every line i enter, not quick but safer than losing everything.

Thank you!

I’m sorry about the timeout issue here. It’s definitely something we’re aware of and we will look at how we can handle this better as soon as we get a chance.

Hi Glenn.
For me too this will be a great thing to have in place.
I’ve been working on repairs at my workshop and then writing up all the details to save and send off to my customers, only to find that it’s timed timed. I understand fully the reason though. Is it not better to consider having the screen data recaptured when you log back in rather than loosing what is present? I’m not sure if using cache would do the trick.

Thanks for the fine software. It’s wonderful to use.

Steve Hills.

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We’re looking at few ideas to solve this problem. I’ll report back here once we have something in place.

@unclechunk @thechip we’ve just made a small change here that will always keep your session alive if you’re working on the invoice, estimate, purchase or letter entry screens.

It’s a relatively small addition but it will poll the server ever 20 minutes to keep the session active while there are unsaved edits.

Great news, thanks @Glenn

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