Session timing out very quickly

Fairly recently (perhaps a year or so) I find that I am often logged out of quickfile while I’m in the middle of working on a quote or invoice. I wondered if the session timeout value had changed or something on our account was able to be changed to revert the behaviour to how it was, say, a year or two ago? I used to be able to stay logged in to QF for many hours, perhaps even days, without worrying that I would lose the information that I had entered.
I found this topic which describes a change that was made to prevent the session timing out if a quote is being edited, perhaps this feature is no longer working for some reason?

Only a few minutes ago I was signed out while editing a quote. I clicked on the preview button and then had to sign in again, of course losing all of the changes I’d made since I last hit preview. Very frustrating.


I raised this issue a few weeks ago, I realise there is a timeout of around 2 hours, irrelevant of whether there has been any activity or not, this needs changing for me, possibly to 2 hours of inactivity or at least incresing the timeout limit?


Hello @sramdeen

Can I just check, do you have multiple users?

The reason I ask is that we have had some reports where sessions time out if 2 people log in with the same email address and one logs, out both sessions would close.

If this is the case you can create additional users with their own email addresses via Account Settings > Team Management.

@Rob is correct the current timeout is set at around 2 hours, irrelevant of whether there has been any activity or not.

Hi Steve

Yes, we have two users but each with our own logins.

So is 2 hours a hardcoded limit that cannot be changed on a per-instance basis? I’m sure I never used to be logged out and could be working on something one afternoon and come back to it the following morning and carry on?


Hello @sramdeen

Sessions are set to a 2 hrs expiry. This I mainly for security purposes as a lot of our customers have Open Banking feeds running on their banks

I am not sure is it still the case, but in the past the timing out was switched off (or at least extended) when you leave the screen with an open invoice.

There’s definitely something not quite right somewhere. I was just working on a quote and hit preview. I then switched to another windows for absolutely no more than 20 minutes and when I went back to the quote, entered a new item and clicked on preview, it logged me out.
The funny thing in this particular instances is that when I logged back in it had saved my new line entry on the quote.

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