Changing DNS Settings - Windows 8/10

Apologies in advance, this is a techy article but handy for those eager to get back in rather than wait out the DNS changes. The following guide will explain how to point a Windows 8-10 System to Google’s DNS which we know has already updated to our new address.

  1. Click on the little arrow in the bottom right to reveal your network connection, if it’s not already shown.

  2. Right click this icon and select ‘Open network and sharing centre’

  3. Select ‘change adapter settings’ on the left hand side:

  4. This will open a new window. Find your adapter. If you have one, brilliant. If you have a few, it may say “connected”:

  5. Right click this icon, and select ‘Properties’, and Accept/OK any warnings

  6. Select the ‘IPv4’ option, and click ‘Properties’

  7. Change the DNS settings to ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’

  8. Enter the following DNS servers (including the dots)

  9. Click OK, and close any other windows that may have been opened by following these steps.

  10. Try accessing the website again.

Note: These steps are for guidance only. You change these settings at your own risk. It is outside the scope of normal QuickFile support

If and don’t work for you there are several other public DNS providers you can try instead, including OpenDNS which uses the server IP addresses


or FreeDNS which uses


(I have no personal experience of using either of these providers, this information is provided with no warranty etc. etc.)

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As a first easier step if you run FireFox to clear the local DNS cache get the add-on called DNS flusher, 2 second install, 1 second to run - worked for me!
Check google for a chrome equivalent.
If it does not work then the above should

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