Changing from a Limited Company to a Sole Trader when the account has been running for years

Could someone from QF PLEASE HELP ME, i have been with you for a number of years however i have got myself into a bit of a tizzy, i seem to have 3 separate accounts only 1 of which i am using, however the one i am using was set up as a limited company but i closed that company and just continued as a sole trader, i have changed some details in quickfile but i cant change others

could you please help me sort this out, i just want one account and it to all match my business



Hi Gary,

Sorry to hear you are having problems. If you have changed from a limited company to a sole trader then you would be best to use a different account rather than try and amend the limited account nominals.

You can delete the accounts and clear the data if the data/accounts are no longer needed

Hello, i am still using the account that i used as a limited company, i have been using it for over 2 years so i cant just clear the account and set up a new one as all the details will be lost.

Could you possibly private message me so i can sort this out please



Hi Gary,

The way that Sole Trader accounts and Limited accounts are set up within QuickFile differ - they use slightly different nominals for different things. There is no way to amend this.

Unfortunately we can’t help with individual Bookkeeping enquiries but we can help with general QuickFile enquiries.

If you need help with finding a bookkeeper that uses QuickFile then we can point you in the right direction

You have to use a different account if you change from Ltd to sole trader.
You should download your data from your ltd account, for your records and in the case that hmrc/taxman is asking for this.

Hi, i have an accountant, i am not looking for accountancy help, i am actually looking for quickfile help and support. i have depression and unfortunately i am not doing so good at the moment and all i would like is some help to sort quickfile out

your reply’s are very limited and i dont understand what my options are.

are you saying that i can not migrate any of the information across from the limited company quickfile account to a new sole trader account

there is also another sole trader account that i set up that i can not get access to that i need to delete

i wouldn’t have a clue how to set up a new sole trader account and making sure everything matches the old (current) limited company account that i am still using.

is ANYONE from quickfile willing to help me with this personal issue that i have please, i am slowly loosing my mind with this. i am a dog walker, not an accountant nor do i clam to know how i would go about sorting this issue out



Hi @LittleLargeGiant0107

As @QFBeth and @rhc mentioned above, you would have to use a different account for a limited company compared to the sole trader. They are considered as separate legal entities so the accounts need to be kept separately.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to transfer things like invoices and bank records from one account to another (for the reason above), but we can copy clients and suppliers if that helps? For the invoices, you would either have to export and re-import them, or manually copy them.

We’re more than happy to help with features of QuickFile (which includes entering data). It’s just individual bookkeeping and accounting we’re not able to help with, unfortunately.

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I understand i would have to use a different account, but i haven’t been, so there are 2 years worth of sole trader accounts.

ok, so i will need some help with this if i intend to set up a new account, first how do i do this if i cant use my email as its currently in use on my current QF account and how do i export all my details and invoices and purchases so i can upload them to my new account and how would i make sure the bank account matches.

this seems like a lot of work that i wont be able to do on my own



You would need to use a different email address. This doesn’t have to be a professional one, to begin with, it could just be a temporary one that’s updated later on. So you could use a temporary Outlook email address, for example. Or if you use Google Mail, you can use the plus trick - just add + and some text before the @ symbol, and it will work the same.

For example:


Both of these are the same email address, and go through to the same inbox.

With the exporting of data, the best thing to do is to create a data backup. We have some step-by-step instructions on this here: Create a data backup schedule. This gives you a zip folder with multiple CSV files (which are like a very basic form of spreadsheets).

You can then import the required data into your new QuickFile account using the import tools. I’ve included a few links below which may help:

Most email account provider have the ability to create alias. So, you can create a second, third … email address without open a new email account. The emails to those alias addresses arrive all in your current email account.

To open a new account in quickfile is a bit like changing the accounting software. So, I would say make a backup from your old account, as QFMathew descript, for your records and hmrc ask for this, and then new. Open a new account, do all your settings and customisations and import/enter just the opening balances. The only thing you may want to import are your clients and suppliers.
The knowledge base is a good start to get all the info you need to do these steps. Here is a link where you can find a few articles on how to transfer the open/trial balances.

If you have subscriptions on your current quickfile account, quickfile will may be able to transfer those to the new account. Just ask them.

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