Charge card loaded up with columns wrong way round

I have been working on quickfile for over 40 hours just starting make some serious in roads with my accounts loaded up my charge card statement in qif as csv would not work as corrupted and the money in column and money out column are the wrong way round how can I resolve this please help my vat is a month late now and Hmrc are going to hang me

The QIF format is basically plain text so you can make a number of fixes to it with find and replace in a text editor:

Thanks for your interest Ian but that was a bit beyond me so I deleted the QIF upload and tried again with the csv file and managed to edit the fields in excel basically making them wider so I didn’t get the error message and the upload worked ok, so I am a step closer to MTD and paying the VAT

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The main thing here was the fact you used CSV. Rows and columns and formatting are all stripped out when converted to/saved as a CSV file.

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