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Started my business last year and am just starting to do accounts properly but not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to acounts and computers! I am a landscape gardener! Just trying to create a invoice but it says at the top of the page ‘check item line is complete’ I dont know what is wrong? any ideas probably straight forward just me!!!

This warning appears if an item on the invoice is missing either a description, amount or quantity.

Please check that all these fields have been completed and retry, that should work.

Hi Glen,
I have exatly this problem while creating an estimate. I have entered all the required filds though. What is the problem?

I can’t see the line underneath in your screenshot but if there’s anything partially filled there it will throw that error. Can you just delete the line underneath and try saving again.

Issue resolved!

I had left one idem description empty - silly me…

Thank you, Glenn!

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