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Chrome extension - Lloyds export issue


my bank exporting has suddenly stop working and I can no longer export my transactions, is there a quick fix.

LLoyds Bank Feeds

Hello @michael11

Is this on the bank statement view on QuickFile? Could you walk me through the steps you are taking so I can try and replicate the issue please?


I log onto my bank account using the QF secure login, when i enter the dates for exporting it has stopped giving me the option to export to quickfiles.


Just to confirm - this is with the Chrome extension?

What bank are you experiencing this with?


yes this is with chrome extension my bank is lloyds


I don’t have access to a Lloyds account to test this at the moment, but has anything on their site changed (e.g. position of buttons)?

If you use the automated login process from the chrome plug in (the bar across the top), does this export anything to your account?


nothing has changed on there site. if i log in using the chrome plug in it will not give me the option to export to quickfiles


I’ll have to refer this to our development team to take a closer look, although I can’t provide any timescales on this at the moment.

You may wish to export the data and import it into your account manually on this occasion - a CSV file is usually the best way to do this.


Yes,I can confirm that the Chrome extension plug does not provide any connection to QF.
This is what we are confronted with.


this is the same as i am getting how do we fix it because it was working yesterday/


Hi @michael11

As I mentioned above, I’ve asked our development team to take a look - there isn’t a fix you can apply from your end at this time.

You can however manually import the data into your account by exporting a file from Lloyds (e.g. a CSV) and importing that into your account.

As soon as we have an update, we’ll let you know here.


It is best to use the Qif download. There is a note that CSV does not work with QF


You could try the CSV file using the “Other” option on the bank import. If you do encounter any issues, I’m happy to take a look at this for you in a private message.

Although you are more than welcome to use the qif file too.

It may be best to create a dummy bank account and try the import on that first. That way, if anything does go wrong, it’s easier to resolve.


Have the same issue today with LLOYDS export to QF. I did not change anything but option to export to QF disappeared.


Hi. Just tried to export my Lloyds statement to quickfile and the export to quickfile button isn’t there anymore at the bottom of the statement. There’s still the export option but not to quickfile.
Hope you’ve got an answer.
Cheers Paul


This was reported by someone else yesterday, and @QFSupport said they were looking into it


Thank you for your quick reply. I noticed the export feature on Lloyds statement page had changed excluding the export to quickfile option. Hopefully you’ll be able to sort it out soon.


Lloyds updated their statement export flow recently, which broke the Chrome Extension. We’ve been working on a fix today and this should now bring back the QuickFile export button.

Please would you kindly retest and let me know if that works?


ok so ive tried to use it again this morning and got as far as the exporting but the required dates in pressed export and it came up with, incorrect account number or authentication, ive check that they were correct which they where, how do i get a new QF authentication so i can try this,


Hi @michael11

The import key is stored within your account, and can be accessed by going to Account Settings >> 3rd Party Integration >> Bank Feeds