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Chrome extension - Lloyds export issue


this is where i got it from i double checked it was correct but it still doesn’t like it how can i get a different one.


Just to confirm - you’re receiving an error that you have an incorrect account number or import key, but both have been checked and are correct?


ive just double checked it and tried again and getting the same problem


right ive sorted the exporting on my main account but i cant do it on my savings account which is linked to my main one


Hi @michael11

What error message are you seeing when you’re trying to export from the savings account, or do you not see the export button there?


when we try to export we dont get given the choice to export to QF


Thank you for confirming.

It could be the case that Lloyds handles savings accounts differently from current accounts, in which case, I’m afraid it’s unlikely that we’re going to be able to support this at this stage.


there use to be an option to do this but it vanished about two months ago and i never got around to reporting it.


It may have been the case that Lloyds handled both types of accounts the same but it may have changed. Unfortunately banks are difficult to pull data from as many don’t support it through an easy method. Although Open Banking is likely to change this, it’s still some time away.

If anything does change here in terms of support for this, we’ll be sure to let you know.


I normally have to log back in and then try to export the second account where i get the option to export to QF

As far as i remember that had always been the case for me at least.


im still having problems with exporting from lloyds to QF it has been working the last couple of days, but today the export to QF is now on the main statement page so you can’t link your export dates to it to transfer them over


@michael11 - Our team are actively working on the extension and an update will be released shortly.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to access data from a bank, even with permission - it’s always been difficult and there’s never an easy fix, which is why it takes as long as it is.

We will certainly let you, and the other users in this thread, know when we release the update however.


Hi Michael,

Our Chrome Feed latches onto the QIF/CSV export routine in Lloyds to obtain the bank statement data in a readable format. Since Lloyds last updated their site, they now only provide a short narrative when you export to file using a date range. I’m not sure why they use two different formats now, that’s a question for Lloyds.


A full narrative is only supplied when the export option “Shown on Screen” is used.

This creates a problem because let’s say one day you use the shown on screen option, then the next day you export using a specific date range, you can potentially end up with many duplicates in the account as the references are different and will therefore not filter out as duplicates.

To avoid this risk we decided to support only the on screen export option.



so does this mean because i do my bank transfer everyday it will keep duplicating every transaction that is viewed on screen?


No because the references for earlier transactions should be the same each day, and so those earlier entries will be marked as duplicates and ignored.

However what I would advise you to do to be sure is to trim the date when importing the feed. So simply set the earliest record to one day after the most recent entry on the preview below.



ok so im now exporting this why and all the transactions come up being undefined how am i meant to link then to outstanding invoice if they ca’t be linked together?


@michael11 - Just to confirm, the transactions are being pulled into your account, but they have the description of “undefined”. Is that correct?


this is correct, this is becoming more complicated ever day it use to be so easy to use, getting to the point that im starting to think about changing the account software to somebody different.


I’ve asked a developer to look into this.

The issue isn’t necessarily with QuickFile nor the plugin itself - it’s the way the data is supplied and obtained from the bank. There isn’t currently a reliable way to obtain the banking data and most of these methods are workarounds in a sense and highly depend on the banks (in this case, Lloyds) not to change anything.