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Claiming Back MOSS V.A.T


This is my first post, so hello to everyone. I`ve been using QF for awhile now.

I was wondering if anyone here could give me some advice please.

I am registered for VAT, but only because I’ve needed to use the MOSS system. I am planning to leave both shortly as my digital goods don`t hit the yearly threshold and there is no longer any reason for me to use both services.

I have been paying MOSS V.A.T since 2015. Am I correct in thinking that any MOSS V.A.T I’ve paid since then through the MOSS system I can claim back? I read somewhere that to do this I have to use the VAT system, but as my VAT returns are always ‘nill returns’, I don`t see a way of reclaiming the MOSS tax.

Any help you could give me would be appreciated, thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi @randomlights

If you take a look at this guide, it may help you :slight_smile: What is VAT MOSS?

Where did you read that? I can’t see how you could be entitled to a refund of the MOSS vat you’ve charged out as it’s already neutral in your books - you collected it from customers and paid it to the tax man, if they gave you a refund now and you didn’t pass the refund on to the customers then you’d be getting free money from HMRC at the expense of your customers or the other EU countries’ tax authorities (if your customers have since reclaimed what you charged them as their own input tax).

You are (and always have been) allowed to reclaim on your VAT return any UK VAT you were charged on costs related to the MOSS supplies you made, if that’s what you’re thinking of?

(Usual disclaimer - I’m not an accountant)

Thank you.

ian_roberts, I`m not sure to be honest. Maybe I made it up. Anyway, thank you for the assistance. I can just close all accounts and move on.

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