Client area customisations don't save

When I try to upload a logo to the client area customisation page, or change the colours, even though I click “save banners” at the bottom of the page, nothing sticks.

Everything looks fine, with new colours when the page comes back after clicking save, but if I go to Sales > Client area customisation, the old colours are back.

Any ideas?

Hi @iainhallam

Are you seeing any errors when you try to save this at all?

Actually, I’m seeing the same on my end. Bear with me, I’ll ask someone to look into this for you. I’ll update you once I know more

When you upload a logo you must click the “Save Banners” button for the changes to stick. I tested on Chrome and this works for me, I also tried changing the colour theme and that also persisted after the “Save Banners” button was clicked.

Just wanted to confirm @Glenn, I’ve retried this, this morning and it seems to have worked.

@iainhallam - can you give this a go please, and if you need further help please let me know

The fact that the logo requires an extra click on “Save Banners” to persist catches a lot of people out. It’s one of those things on our list that we would like to address in the next week or two.

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