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Client Area Design


Hello, i have been a power user for sometime, and since i started using QF there have been quite a few changes, most for the better.

However now that i am paying a yearly subscription for QF use (im fine with that) i would like to request that the one big part of QF that has been overlooked for a long time, if ever looked at since it was implemented is the Client area, its dated clumsy def not appealing on the eyes, it looks like it should be back in the 90’s (no offence ment) there is nothing professional about how it works or looks, it isnt even very customizable except a few links or basic html colour picker. I have told clients about it (yeah that sounds great send me the link) i do they login once and dont again.

So please bring this part of QF inline with the rest.




I’ll certainly pass your comments on to our team for when they next look at this area.

Are there any areas of functionality you would like to see improved, or added, or just a general updated look?


Full css customisation to fit in with website with mobile and tablet responsiveness would truly benefit. My web developer has done his best but says its very restrictive?

Feel free to take a look at what we’ve tried to do to integrate it into the website



It is certainly due a refresh. We will take a look.


We have now fully rebuilt the client area with a modern responsive design.

Blog - Client Area Refresh

At the moment the new design needs to be activated manually in the “Client Area Customisation” screen.


As always we appreciate any feedback.