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Client name and account reference in email?

I need to be able to advise clients of the reference to quote when making online payments, which is a basically their account reference and name, but unless I’m missing something I don’t see these as custom tokens which can be added to the email message, or any other field which could be used to store a reference.

(I’m not sending invoices or links to invoices from QuickFile for various reasons, not least that the recipients aren’t very computer literate, so the email itself is their bill.)

Any suggestions?


Hi @JohnJ

Unfortunately this tag isn’t available at the moment. I will however discuss this with our team in the new year and see if this could be added.

I’ll let you know if we’re able to change anything here.

Thanks. In the meantime can you suggest any another way to get the payment reference into the email? What do other users do?

As a software developer myself I’m a little surprised you don’t simply make all fields available as custom tokens as you can never predict the crazy ways those pesky users are going to try to use your software. :smile:

I wonder whether there’s any update on this please, or any other way to include individual payment instructions on an invoice? I’m sending out around forty renewal invoices and would obviously prefer not to have to send them manually, editing the payment instructions on each one.


Hi @JohnJ

Any fields that are available for emails will be shown beneath the template itself, for example:

There’s been no change here with the client name or account reference, but we’ll be sure to let you know should this change.

Hi @JohnJ

Just to let you know that we’ve introduced 2 new tokens you can use on your new invoice / estimate emails.


It’s not quite live yet but it should be by the end of the week.


How would you be able to create an automated client reference number in the add new client

The @ClientAccountReference@ “Account Number” in a client record as far as I have been aware is to use this feature as to keep a record of the client’s creditor control account number. Not a reference generated by me as a supplier but the customer’s own account reference. The majority of clients have no reference recorded except for when dealing with larger organisations that have a creditor control department.

The facility to be able to quote the unique reference raised by QF for each client would be a useful addition to custom tokens for use with routine emails. When invoicing a new client details of how to pay for goods/services to be supplied and having the client’s QF ID to use for arranging EFT Electronic Funds Transfer would provide a safeguard from allocation of monies received being allocated to the wrong client.

When issuing a sales invoice the invoice number is available, but if this is used as the payment reference which would allocate the payment correctly may cause additional work for a client when paying invoices in the future as each time an amendment of the bill payment instructions would need updating.

The client’s QF ID that I refer to is shown within the URL “https://-12345++++.quickfile.co.uk/clients/detail?cID=117151” but the underlying account has another reference from when creating the client that is unavailable / not visible.

The “ClientID” should be added to custom tokens to create an easier method of sending payments and ensure that a payment is allocated to the appropriate account.