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Client name or reference in email subject


Quote Account Number or Account Reference on Outbound Email Subject for new invoices
Is it possible to quote the account number (as on the client details screen) or account reference as it is called on the Modify Client Details screen on the subject header of our Outbound ‘new invoice raised’ emails? We often invoice solicitors on behalf of mutual clients so it would be beneficial to be able to quote the clients account reference in the subject header so they know who it relates to without have to open the email.

Purchase Invoice reply Email Address


You can amend the email templates by going to Account Settings >> Routine Emails, and include any of the available tokens. However, I don’t believe Account Reference is one of them.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to add your vote of support here: Client name and account reference in email?


Hi, I realise that you can update the templates for the body of the email, but I’d like our client to be able to see from the subject heading, which account it is for. Is there any possibility of amending the templates so that it includes the account reference as an available token?


The subject and the body supports the same tags - you can enter them in either.

It’s likely to be possible. But I recommend adding your vote to the above linked thread which is the feature request for this.


Thank you. I clicked on the link to add my vote.
As you’ve said it is likely to be possible to add account reference as a token, can I request that please?


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