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I have linked my business account to QF before but the link expired. This time round I enter my id but then it asks for a password that is longer than my internet banking password. Im clearly trying to log into the wrong system.

I called Clydesdale and they said its because i am on retail business banking and not internet business banking. I then registered for Business banking where i got a new customer id however the same thing is happening. It takes me to a page with a password that is longer than the one set. I have logged into Clydesdale direct and my password i know does work so its not that i am entering the wrong password.

Which account do i need for the open banking to work and what am i doing wrong?

What says the password is longer exactly?

It asks for more characters than my password has.

For example lets say my password was “test”. The system asks for character 1, 3 and 7. I dont have 7 characters in that password.

Hi @sambates123

Once you select the bank from the list on QuickFile, we send you over to the bank’s website. We have no control over the content on this site as the bank handles everything for security.

If you’re being asked for characters that you don’t have (like in your example), it does sound like an issue, but unfortunately, only the bank would see this and be able to rectify it.

They tell me the opposite :disappointed_relieved:

Can you at least tell me what version of open banking the quickfile system sends me to? It is retail or business banking. Apparently there is a difference.

I’ve had this before and find it’s some forgotten passphrase/pin that I set up in the past and forgot about.

I’ve also found the banks are very unhelpful when it comes to helping with connection/feed issues, you have to find out exactly what the problem is then ask very specific questions and then eventually someone says “oh right, that yeah” otherwise they just deny all knowledge of anything and shrug their shoulders!

Which one? When I used to be with Yorkshire Bank (same bank, different branding) they had “internet banking” the same as used by personal customers, or “BusinessOnline” designed for businesses. They seem to have introduced a third separate platform “Business Internet Banking” now - the question is which of the three login systems does the OB connector use?

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Their Open Banking only provides one option for us, although I’m not sure which one this is. The login page they provide to us simply asks for a customer number or username:

Your customer number’s a 10-digit number beginning with 10 or 90 and your username’s 6 or more characters long

We have reached out to Clydesdale for clarification.

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Did you get a reply from them in the end? Still a problem for me.

On further investigation I think it may be the bank feed for personal internet banking which is no use to me as a business customer. When i try to log in on the Clydesdale website as a personal customer it asks for characters much longer than my current internet banking password.

Hi @sambates123

Unfortunately we haven’t heard from them. We escalated this further yesterday.

Generally speaking, we would support business banking over personal banking. As soon as we get clarification on this, I’ll be sure to update this thread.

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Ok, just called Clydesdale and a very helpful guy said he knows there is an issue with their open banking system when using the customer ID. He advised me that if i was to use my customer number instead which starts 90 then it should work, and it did!

For anyone also having problems with this please call their support and ask for your customer number which starts 90. The connection will then work.

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