Co-operative bank statement imports (Not resolved)


This has been mentioned here Co-operative bank statement imports - However, it has been closed without being resolved.

Basically, importing Co-Operative bank statements, lists everything as Debits.

Any help would be much appreciated

The solution I use is to export from the Co-Op transactions as a CSV file then from Quickfile import the statement and set the bank to “Other”. It then allows you to match the columns in the CSV file to the Quickfile fields. The Quickfile description to use is the the Co-Op “Customer reference” field to ensure auto tagging works as it did before.
Co-Op say they will be upgrading business banking before the end of the year - but they have been saying that for at least 2 years.

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That is great, thanks John.
Daft question, how can I remove the entries I added in yesterday?


There is an undo function but I’m not sure if it shows up when you go back to the import screen or if it is only following a recent import.

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