Command+C on Mac - can't copy instead creates client

The number of times I press Command+C to copy and QuickFile then tries to go off an create a new client account.

Also, I go to print with Command+P on mac and that does something irritating too.

Any chance these can be disabled so I can use the normal browser keyboard shortcuts for copy + print?

Hi @devologyrob

The short cut shouldn’t be invoked if your cursor is in a text box. Are you finding this isn’t the case? If so, please could you let me know some more details and I’ll pass this to our development team.

However, you can certainly disable the short cuts by going to Account Settings >> Advanced Features.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the details.

Some places that I tried to print this way earlier today were…

The ‘Nominal Accounts’ page, I didn’t know about the text-box workaround, so I’ve just re-tried it in the date fields, which works, kind-of. The calendar components are then printed.

The ‘tax-summary’ page doesn’t have any text boxes, and no print button.

The ‘VAT return’ page again only has date fields.

I’m happy to turn off the shortcuts - thanks, I never knew that option existed :slight_smile:

The “Keyboard Shortcuts” feature is only available to “Power Users”

Thankfully I’m a power user :slight_smile: and very happy that this is now disabled :tada:

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