Connect to Stripe

Hi I want to integrate my existing Strip account with Quickfile.

I can see where I can ‘activate’ a Stripe account however it appears, based on the questions asked, to apply for a Stripe account but I already have one?

Also, how do I make the Stripe account a bank account so that it automatically pulls down transactions?

Also, when pulled down, will it identify the gross, net and charges figures so they can be posted to separate account sin the chart of accounts?


Hi @bostinride,

You may find this guide useful :Stripe Payment Option and Data Feed

This gives you the instructions on how to connect your Stripe account :slight_smile:

it says “An account with this email already exists.” because I already am using a Stripe account?

When you’re taken to the Stripe website, you should see an option to login at the very top of the page.

The feed wouldn’t do this automatically. It can import the fees for you, but not split the gross and net. This would need to be done within an invoice on QuickFile.

You don’t generally want that with Stripe anyway since they give you an invoice at the end of each month covering all that month’s fees, which you need to reverse-charge if you’re VAT registered. It’s better just to pull the gross amounts from the stripe feed, tag the net transfers from the current account side, and deal with the fees once a month when they invoice you.

Thanks, missed that in the top corner

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I have connected to Stripe and have an active feed for my transactions but the info in the transaction doesn’t include the customers details, only my company details and the transaction number.
I contacted Stripe and they advised that the customer info is included in the data that is fed to Quickfile. Can you help please?
I also have a PayPal feed and that works as it should.

Hi YoYo1,
Yes, that’s right, quickfile picks only theses details. What I do is, I use zapier to get all the relevant data which zapier then uploads to quickfile to create invoices and new customers. This happens more or less in real time.
When the stripe feed within quickfile has picked the transactions and placed them in the stripe merchant account (usually the next day), I click the tag button after the each transaction on the stripe merchant account and tag them to the invoices brought in by zapier. When you tag the transaction to the invoice you have to look for the transaction number (most of the time are the last or first 4 numbers/letters enough).
That is how I get the transaction to the right customer. Maybe there is a better way to do but it works for me.
Hope this helps

Hi rhc, thanks for that.
Does the transactions from Zapier include the customers name?

Thanks again

yes, you can choose what data should be submitted.