Coop Bank client: any point subscribing to automated feeds?


Our business banks with the Coop Bank, so lost the useful facility to get automated bank statement feeds last year.

I’ve just received a reminder to renew my Quickfile subscription(s). Should I just choose the ‘Power User’ subscription and not bother paying for the Automated bank feeds subscription, as I ask not getting this service?

I.e. Can I still manually upload bank statement data with Power User, as I don’t use it for anything else?


Hi @JBond2,

If you don’t/can’t use the automated bank feeds then you don’t need to pay for this, if anything changes you can then purchase this at any time throughout the year.

You don’t need either subscription to upload your bank statements, this is available to all users. It may be worth checking your account size to see whether a PUS is required for your account too.

Many thanks, QFBeth!

Really? How on earth do Quickfile make their money, if I don’t pay a subscription?

Last year we had to upgrade to PUS, simply because of the number of transactions that year, but due to COVID probably not so many this year. How does one find out what the limit is on transactions and what your account is up to?

Cheers, Jim

Hi @JBond2,

Accounts are free if less than 1,000 nominal entries are created within a 12 month period. This limit is very easily reached by small businesses.

You can check your account size by following this guide: Account size explained

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Go to and at the top you can see your account size. For yourcompany use your login url.
You can also find this under Account Settings>>Company Settings
You only need the power subscription for L and XL accounts.
But you can choose to subscribe for the small accounts because you can get features you don’t want get without the subscription
Hope this helps

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