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Account size explained


How is account size calculated?

All QuickFile accounts are graded by size from extra small (XS) to extra large (XL). This is determined by the number of nominal transactions created over the previous rolling 12 month period.

Nominal transactions are used as they are the broadest indicator of account activity, encompassing invoices, purchases, bank transactions, and journals. If you go to the chart of accounts report and drill down onto any nominal ledger you will be able to see the underlying nominal transactions.

Below is a breakdown of how the account size is determined, all groupings are based on the last 12 months.

XS - up to 200 nominal transactions
S - between 201 to 500 nominal transactions
M - between 501 to 1000 nominal transactions
L - between 1001 to 4000 nominal transactions
XL - over 4000 nominal transactions

How can I check my account size?

You can check the current size of your account in Account Settings >> Company Settings.

You can also drill down to a detailed report by clicking the corresponding magnifying glass. This will show how the ledger count is calculated. This report consists of two tables showing which nominal accounts the ledger items are posted to and when they were entered over the last 12 months.

For Affinity users you can check the account size without logging into the actual account from your dashboard or from the account detail screen.

Account size statistics are updated once every 2-3 days.

Storage footprint

This is the total storage footprint consumed by all Document Management and Receipt Hub items saved on the account.

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