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hi guys,
I have a ltd company - where I do groceries business (3 shops). I would like to do cost center. I have tree with my cost accounts - and I would like to keep the same accounts on all my shops.
any idea how can I set - chart of accounts - where I will able to create main account - like SHOPno1 - says no:5300 and sub-accounts with my costs tree.
I would like to see what is the total sum of expenses per each of shop - like I will have a look on account 5300 - and I will able to see sum of expenses on shop_no_1

any idea how can I do that?


Hi @macuser

From what I understand, you’re looking to use the same nominal codes for 3 different outlets but on one set of accounts.

If that is the case, you’re not able to separate entries within the Chart of Accounts (COA) to different outlets etc. However, QuickFile introduced the project tags a few years ago which may help.

Project tags can be applied to whole invoices, estimates and purchases, and general a P&L report based on the tagged data.

I hope that helps.

how about i.e. Net Wages - how can I tag this transaction to incl in project expenses?

Projects don’t allow you to tag nominal ledger activity (e.g. non-invoiced items). If you would like to include these calculations in a project you would need to make a manual adjustment on the project itself.

Making Manual Adjustments to your Projects

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