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New Project Adjustments

We’ve just release an update that will now allow you to make generic adjustments to your projects in QuickFile. This addresses one of the limitations in the original project tool-set, in terms of only being able to set project tags against sales and purchase invoices.

You can now adjust up or down the invoiced or cash values in a project. You simply need to click on the green button “Add Items” and select the “Adjustment” option.

A dialogue box will appear where you can enter the date, amount and a reference.

You can go back and view a schedule of any project adjustments from the Show tagged items menu.

Adjustments are a great way to bring in other lines of income/expenditure not attached to an invoice. You can also use it to apportion an invoice where only part is attributable to your project.

You can find out more about project adjustments here.

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Just trying this out. We have an invoice of £400+ with a £30 for one ‘project’. We’ve inputted an adjustment for the difference (i.e. invoice total minus the £30), to bring it back into line. This reflects fine in the overall figures (or so it seems), but the net profit line jumps with the invoice total. At that particular point it was making a loss, but here’s the section of the graph in question:

The black cirlce is when the invoice was issued.

Are the adjustments taken into account with the profit line graph, or just the figures?

Are you looking at the right part of the graph?

The adjustment is for 1st May 2015 but the section you highlighted on the graph is 1st May 2014.

Oops, that’s embarrassing! Thank you :blush:

I missed that too, it was only until my colleague pointed it out to me :smile:

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