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Creating a Credit Note using the API

In QuickFile Credit Notes are essentially negative value invoices. They serve either to reduce the outstanding balance of an invoice (VOID), or to refund or hold on account the paid balance of a full or partially paid invoice (REFUND).

So how is it done?

Due to the common schemas that exist between Credit Notes and Invoices, the Invoice_Create API method is also used to generate credit notes. You’ll need to ensure your total invoice value is negative and some additional CreditNote meta data is supplied.


See negative invoice values ^


Here is the additional meta data for credit notes ^

There are 3 properties you can apply in the CreditNotes block.

You can explore the schema here, although here’s a brief definition of what each does:

CreditNoteType (Mandatory)

What type of credit note should be created?

  • VOID - Reduces the unpaid balance of an existing invoice.
  • REFUND - Refund a paid amount from an existing fully/partially paid invoice.
  • HOLD - Transfers a paid amount from an existing fully/partially paid invoice to the client account.


The parent invoice that a credit note should be applied to. Note that this is not a mandatory field, REFUND type credit notes can exist independently, this is the equivalent of creating a negative invoice in QuickFile.


Applicable to REFUND type credit notes. Here you would need to supply a bank nominal code (1200-1299) where the funds should be refunded to.

Additional Considerations

At the time of writing the following conditions apply to the Credit Note functionality within the API.

  • Both XML and JSON methods are supported
  • Only version 1.2 of the API supports the creation of credit notes.
  • Only credit notes against the sales ledger are supported at this time. Purchase ledger support will be added shortly.