Credit card option through QuickFile

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I need a credit card payment option through QuickFile. Does anyone know if its best to go through stripe, square or worldpay. Payments will be made online and I will need to link them directly to the invoices. Any help will be great

Stripe is probably the most straightforward, square should be similar but I don’t have any experience of them myself. Which one is cheaper depends on your average transaction value - Square charges 2.5%, stripe charges 1.4% plus 20p per transaction; the 20p means that Square is cheaper for transactions under about £18 and Stripe is cheaper for transactions above that value.

Worldpay may be cheaper overall if you’re taking a higher volume and value of payments such their lower percentages offset the monthly fee.

Hi sharon1,
In addition to ian_roberts comment, Square just announced that the reduce their fees for European cards to1.75% or 1.9%, but increased for non-european cards to 2.9%. So if you deal mostly with costumers who uses european cards then you pay less fees now for almost all payments via square. 2.5% will be still charged for manually entered card details on the square dashboard and invoice payments.
You can read more about it here:

The fees are now not as simple as before anymore but if you do it right between stripe, square and worldpay you can save quite a bit of money.

To create invoices from the payments you can may use the autotag rules in quickfile or you can use zapier to create invoices directly with all the relevant details.

1.75% is for card-present transactions only (using their contactless/chip & pin reader) - it’d be 1.9% minimum for offering Square as an online payment option on QuickFile.

@rhc @ian_roberts Thank you so much this information has been amazing I am going to go wit Stripe hopefully there are no issues

There’s guides in the knowledge base for most things, including Stripe/merchant account handling. It’s all pretty straight forward, all you have to do once it’s set up is account for the fees and tag the transfers.


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