CSS Transform Class

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Something I discovered, be careful copying and pasting Glenn’s example above. The CSS editor doesn’t like the inverted commas after content: . At least, Chrome doesn’t. They paste as curly, whereas typing them, they’re straight.

Actually, on closer inspection it looks like it was a combination of the inverted commas and a period:

Take the period out, or change the commas and it’s fine.

Hope that makes sense.



Smart quotes.

The following should be correct.

.transform-invTypeName1 {
       content: "MY NEW LABEL"

You will often find that copying directly from forums and webpages in general will also copy things you don’t want so it’s always worth pasting into a text editor first to clear any lingering formatting and special characters.

Thank you for pointing this out, I’ve corrected the original post.

It was most likely a copy + paste from Word that I missed.

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