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Custom Document Management Folders


From today you can create your own custom folders in the Document Management area.

Creating a custom folder is simple. Just type your new folder name into the menu when uploading a file. You can also use this box to select a pre-existing folder.

All folders are colour coded, you can click on the folder to reveal all items within, or relocate existing items to new or default folders as needed by clicking on the folder icon.

Custom folders can be removed once empty, you will find this option at the foot of the Document Management screen.

We hope you find this a useful addition!

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I just noticed that in my document manager my “Bank Statements” and “Receipts” are both capitalised and show up it the Folder section of the Advanced Search, but “sales” has no capital and is not in the list of folders in the drop down.


The “sales” folder is used internally for storing sales invoice and estimate attachments. I’m not sure why the case differs from other folders, although I expect it was a design decision early on when the sales attachment feature was being developed.

I also noticed that the sales folder can’t be filtered from the advanced search box. This seems odd and I’ve asked for it to be looked into.


Just to add to this post that we’ve extended this functionality to include moving files to custom folders.

You can now create a custom folder from within the Document Manager when moving it:

And also from within the Receipt Hub: