Custom folder names in Document Manager

we would like add time sheets to our document manager and whilst we can upload them easily there is no category for time sheets , could this added to the Document options??

Currently the folder categories are fixed, when we further develop the document management area we’ll likely add a provision to manage custom folders. Unfortunately I can’t promise when this will be.

I’ve modified your title slightly to enable others looking for similar functionality to find it and add their vote.

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When you are looking at further developing Document Manager with custom folder names, how about adding the facility to allocate a document to a particular client/supplier. So that if you receive a letter from a customer it would appear in My Letters, not just the letters sent to them. Much easier to follow the thread in the communication.

We’ve had a lot of votes for this here. I am sure we’ll be starting work on this in the next 3-4 weeks.

great idea count me in

Count me in also. Any update on when this feature can be implemented

@Joy @alan_mcbrien @harry

I’m pleased to say that this feature is now supported. You can find out more here.

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