Custom trading style help

Hello, who has any knowledge of setting up a custom trading style, I am new to QuickFile and I would benefit from this feature but I am also trying to set up a new business and dealing with depression as well, I am finding everything a little overwhelming and I would like some help with this feature

Thank you

Hi @rawandmoreshack

Sorry to hear about your current situation - we’re here to try and help you make the most of the QuickFile features, so you’re welcome to fire your questions at us! :slight_smile:

We’re also a friendly community of users, accountants and QuickFile staff, so if I’m unable to help (e.g. with an accounting query), another user may be able to.

What help are you looking for at the moment? Is there a particular part of the custom trading styles?

Hi, thanks for your response, to be honest I haven’t even tried using the custom trading feature but I have seen various topics about it and it looks complicated

Basicly, I started dog walking last year to help with the depression, I have now introduced another arm to my business which is selling dog food, I have called this new business The Raw and More Shack and it’s a limited company (just to protect the name). My dog walking is called Little Large Giant Canine Solutions. Because the Raw and More Shack is a limited company I have just decided to use the Little Large Giant as a Trading As name so I don’t have 2 separate business to deal with.

The reason I did this is because I couldn’t find a way of advertising just the dog walking or just the food, I hope all that makes sense.

So the custom trading feature will be used to send invoices for The Raw and More Shack Limited and Little Large Giant Canine Solutions.


With the custom trading styles, you would basically have the option to add more than 1 invoice style, template, and business details - a common use case is the typical “trading as” scenario.

It’s worth noting that the custom trading styles is part of the Power User Subscription, so if you don’t have one of these at the moment, it would be required (if you don’t have one, let me know and I’ll discuss the features in more detail in a private message).

If you have 2 separate businesses, you would typically have 2 QuickFile accounts, as you can’t mix more than one limited company together, or any other business. However, given your situation, it may be best to ask an accountant or business advisor, just to be sure everything is set up right.

There’s an article here which outlines the different features and settings for the custom trading styles, so this may help too.

I hope this helps?

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