Customer Prepayments

Continuing the discussion from Show Client/Supplier credit in the Management screen:

Is it possibly to turn the credit column on by default? This would be very useful.

Also, these credits do not appear on a customer statement, is there any way to show this?


Hi @amyearsley

If you have a power user account (either optionally or because you have a L or XL account), you can add a little bit of code to enable that tick box yourself.

If you go to All Settings > Design Customisation, select ‘Advanced CSS & HTML Customisation’, go to ‘Custom Scripts’, and add this line of code:

$(document).ready(function() {
     $('#chkShowCredits').prop('checked', true);

As for the prepayments, It shows on the right hand side (depending on your template and CSS settings):

I’ve just tried this again, and although it ticks the box, it doesn’t actually pull the credits on the initial load. Leave this with me, I’ll have a chat to my colleague and see if something can be done here.

Edit 2
Try the above code now - that should work. Seems to work this end, but we’ll see! :wink:

Hope that helps!

Our account isn’t a power user account yet but a payment is setup for next week for it so I will try that then. Thanks

With regards to the prepayments on the statement I now see this area but it doesn’t appear to be working for the client I am looking at. Are you able to take a look?

I’ve found your account - I’ll send you a PM now to get some more info, and I’ll see what I can sort for you :slight_smile:

Ok. It’s not on the account that this email address is registered on. But I can give you the details on the PM

I have tried to add this HTML snippet but it hasn’t had the desired effect. Do I need to name the snippet in a specific way? I couldn’t see the Custom Scripts you mentioned above so I may not be in the right place.


Hi Andrew,

It should go here:
Account Settings > Design Customisation

Then click ‘Advanced CSS & HTML Customisation’

Select ‘Custom Scripts’

Copy the code into there, and save:

Is that where you put it? If not, give it a go and let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

That isn’t where I put it but I don’t have Custom Scripts in Preset Templates.

That’s a little bit odd! Do you have all the other options?

Yes, last one in the list is global CSS

Hi @amyearsley

I’ve asked a colleague to take a look this for me. Bear with us - we’ll come back to you shortly.

I’ve managed to add this script on your end. Can you confirm if ‘Custom Scripts’ is appearing for you now please? Either way, the script should run