Customise emails generally not just per customer?


I’ve just upgraded to all features and was looking forward to extra email customisation. But its only per client.

We would like to be able to create different templates for our various services. Our clients are in the main a one time booking or once or twice visitors a year.

At present we only use ‘new invoice’ or ‘1st overdue’. So we could utilise the other unused templates, but there’s no way to ‘select’ them when trying to send an invoice. We have to copy & paste from a similar previous email or alter the different text as needed each time. (time consuming & open to mistakes) before sending.

So would it be possible to have a blank template that ‘custom emails’ can be made & saved, then make it possible to choose from a ‘drop down’ during the send process or in a clients account area where a particular invoice template previously set up can be selected as we wish?

It would be really cool & useful!


PS: The same could be said for invoices, but at least we are able copy a similar ‘Draft’ invoice for a particular service and just change a few details.

While this isn’t a show stopper for us we do find the current situation inconvenient. We have both wholesale and retail customers and it is a particular problem with recurring invoices where we don’t have the message displayed automatically on creation. We need a very different email for a subscription renewal to one for a regular reseller or advertiser.

I don’t have a paid sub, so can’t test this, but wouldn’t trading styles do what you want? Even if they’re all the same company details, they could have different invoice layouts.

Our main issue was email templates. But thank you, didn’t know about trading styles, so found it and had a play. You can set different templates, but then you have to assign that template/trading style to individual clients, not for general selection it seems. Still an easier process for us is to copy a very similar invoice drafted aready and just change the client and dates.
As for emails, we currently have all our different terms for different services set up on the one ‘new invoice’ email design and just delete whats not relevant/needed before sending. A little tricky to make sure you do the right bits, but not the end of the world.

If they had general templates you could set up, name and save for invoices & emails, then once you’ve entered a clients details you could select from a drop down which invoice you wanted, then when ready to send select a email template that reflects the service terms being booked and your done.

Lots of time saved.

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